Cyber Security:

Cyber Security:

Cybersecurity Training & Awareness - Sotera offers customized training sessions that address cybersecurity issues with a focus on human vulnerabilities related to information and data protection.

Digital Forensics - Sotera provides advanced digital forensics investigation tools and techniques for various situations including employee misconduct, embezzlement, sexual harassment cases and proprietary information theft.

Incident Response - The containment and management of any potential cyber incident once it has been detected is crucial to your business. Proper procedures and planning combined with SANS best practices are utilized in the guidance provided during the occurrence of an identified incident's management and response. Sotera offers this service by monthly retainer. Also available for consultation.

Internal Penetration Testing - Sotera can identify and mitigate security issues, weaknesses and vulnerabilities by testing the security of the internal protection mechanisms of your computer network. Testing includes policy and procedure benchmarking, network scanning, access control testing, data storage and transmission analysis and physical security analysis.

External Penetration Testing - Sotera can identify and mitigate security issues, weaknesses and vulnerabilities by testing the security of the external protection mechanisms of your computer network. Your systems firewall is evaluated to locate open ports and running services to identify potential vulnerabilities or methods of intrusion. Systems are tested to identify any data leakage from internal network components that could expose sensitive information or provide methods of intrusion.

Policies & Procedures Assessment - Sotera will review and evaluate your current IT policy comparing it to industry standards for cybersecurity. Failures or omissions will be identified along with recommended remediation steps. Policies and procedures reviewed include Cybersecurity policy, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Strategy, Incident Response and Disaster Recovery.

Risk Assessment - Sotera can help your business identify where cybersecurity time, money and resources should be invested. We start with a comprehensive risk assessment to help determine vulnerabilities, threats and controls and recommend solutions.

Social Engineering/Human Vulnerability Testing - Testing helps ensure employees adhere to policies and best practices to avoid common security lapses. Sotera will attempt to use deception, ruses, impersonation and other means to improperly gain access to sensitive information for which the tester does not have proper authority to access.

Social Media Security & Privacy - Sotera will test and evaluate social media platforms to ensure they meet organizational needs without introducing vulnerabilities and other security-related issues and develop and implement customized policies and procedures for social media platforms.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer - Sotera provides outsourced cybersecurity leadership to your organization on an as needed basis. We provide customized information security planning, expert information, security compliance management, security policies/procedure development, steering committee leadership participation and security plan presentation to corporate stakeholders.

Vulnerability Assessment/Testing - Sotera can provide technical assessments of systems and network vulnerabilities and threats to define, identify, and classify the security vulnerabilities in a computer, network, or communications infrastructure.

Physical & Personal Security:

Executive Protection - Sotera can provide security to ensure the safety of VIPs or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk due to their employment, status, wealth, associations or geographical location.

Loss Prevention - Sotera can investigate inventory theft and provide undercover services to mitigate future theft and loss of inventory in your business to preserve profit.

Private Event Security - Sotera's security team can assist with the safe operations and management of your small gathering. We can manage crowd control within and around a venue, VIP management, identification checks, money transfers, and/or any rules and regulations established by your organization.