Corporate and Private Investigations

Oversee All of Your Affairs

Protect your business by hiring a corporate investigator from Sotera Investigative Group serving clients throughout Utica, Albany, Rochester & Syracuse, NY

It's hard to make a decision when you don't have all the information. Let Sotera Investigative Group, LLC find the answers you need to make an informed business decision. We'll assign an investigator to look into your business or specific employee.

Insurance companies often need evidence to authenticate their claims. We investigate insurance claims and conduct surveillance when necessary. We can investigate workers' compensation cases and other workplace investigations, such as incidents of workplace violence and sexual harassment.

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Get started on a third-party investigation now

Find the answers you seek by turning to us for a third-party investigation. We will turn over every stone to find the information you need. Leaving an investigation up to one of your employees can be a conflict of interest. Don't make things complicated, reach out to a qualified specialist to:


  • Investigate fraud claims
  • Review your finances
  • Complete criminal reviews
  • Concentrate on surveillance




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Our Investigative Services include:

Our Investigative Services include:

Case Review - Sotera investigators will listen to your concerns, review your case and identify and follow-up on all leads to determine the truth.

Civil - Sotera can help you prepare, investigate and navigate through the many issues surrounding a civil court case.

Corporate - Internal or external to your corporation, Sotera can help. Whether a sexual harassment, hostile work environment, theft, cyber or other company need, let us assist with issues negatively affecting your business.

Criminal - Sotera investigators will conduct a thorough criminal case review. At a dead end? Let us conduct a cold case review to attempt to identify any new information.

Cyber Crime - Our experienced investigators will conduct a complete investigation concerning any cyber incident.

Domestic/Marital - These issues are sensitive in nature and require confidentiality. Let us work discreetly to resolve your domestic issues.

Elder Abuse - Sotera can work covertly in either a private home or long-term care facility to identify suspected elder abuse.

Insurance - Whether it be securing statements or a complete investigation, let Sotera investigators follow up on motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, worker's compensation fraud investigations or other issues negatively affecting your business.

Under Cover Operations - Sotera investigators can work as an employee of your company in an undercover status to identify the source of your problem.